How does TV Tracking work?

TV Tracking allows advertisers to have omnichannel marketing communication and an integrated marketing strategy. As all marketers know, there is no real-time data flow on the TV. At best, a report by the media agency is presented to the advertiser by the advertiser's media buying agency a day later. Since this reporting is not instantaneous, it becomes impossible to integrate digital marketing campaigns with TV in real-time. Especially with the increasing use of second screens in TV consumption habits. When the product or service seen on TV is also seen on digital channels simultaneously, it results in a dramatic increase in buying motivation and sales.

With TV Tracking, Medialyzer keeps an eye on TV broadcasts for you and instantly detects the advertisements of both you and your competitors. Within 10 minutes of the ad being delivered, search engine enquiries increase by an average of 60%. Keeping your exposure high is crucial if you want to be found by your target audience. You might also wish to capitalize on the inspiration that your competitors are creating. Advertisers may synchronize online and offline media and interact with the right people by using Medialyzer's TV Tracking tool.

How do we go along with this?

We employ image recognition technology, a branch of AI that leverages deep learning, to continuously monitor the broadcast on linear TV or the internet broadcast. Since we are already a Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Twitter for business, and TikTok ads API partner, Medialyzer may be incorporated without requiring personal access and can respond in real-time when your ads or the ads of your competitors are found.

How can it be used?

1) Real-time reports on the available advertising are provided by TV Tracking. When a competitor keyword search is performed in Google Ads, your brand's visibility will soar since the Medialyzer client's ads are triggered as soon as the competitor's ads appear. Because, according to Nielsen, television is the medium that boosts consumer motivation to make a purchase the most, drawing clients when they are most motivated is a smart business decision. As soon as the competitor’s advertisement was released in the case study we conducted with Danone, we provided an ad activation on Facebook and Instagram, and by using this strategy, we were able to achieve a 58% low Cost Per Result. You can find the related case study here and more case studies on our blog.

2) Increase your bids for your brand's keywords and compete for the top spots to attract clients who are highly motivated to buy as soon as they see your television advertisements. As an illustration, how about sending a push notification from the mobile app as soon as your TV commercial airs? This will make taking action much simpler for customers, whose purchasing intent has already been increased by your TV ad-airing.

3) The technology of TV Tracking allows you to simultaneously integrate the AI detected spots into your combined media strategy in real-time. By utilizing Medialyzer’s API partnerships with Facebook, Google, Twitter and TikTok, or using push notification services, SMS and email you could connect with your customers effortlessly just on the right time.

In essence, TV Tracking uses cutting-edge deep-learning image recognition technology to allow advertisers to track TV commercials in real time. Real-time TV tracking detects TV broadcasts and identifies your own or your competitor's advertisements. The client of Medialyzer is able to seamlessly synchronize TV advertisements and digital marketing communication in this manner. If you have any further questions about the features and benefits of the TV Tracking, please don't hesitate to contact us.