Medialyzer TV Tracking

It is now possible to track TV ads real-time with a cutting-edge image-tracking technology.

TV Tracking detects TV broadcasts and recognizes your and your competitors’ ads in real-time. A TV ad airing results in immediate search queries on search engines and it is important to keep your visibility high when your target audience is looking for you. You may also want to benefit from the hype created by your competitor’s ad airing. Medialyzer TV Tracking enables advertisers to create a bridge between offline and online media and to engage with highly interested consumers.

Meet TV Tracking to align with TV moments in real-time across Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Tiktok for Business, or your own mobile app.

Why choose TV Tracking?

Utilize the cutting-edge real-time image recognition technology to outshine all your competitors.

Track your and your competitors’ TV ads real time and respond on online channels effectively.

Benefit from the hype created by your competitor’s ad airing in digital media.