Meet Medialyzer

Measure the impact of offline advertisements on online activity.
Get insights to analyze the full picture of where revenue is being driven.
Focus on quality rather than quantity to improve offline media’s role in driving marketing ROI.
Take control of your media plan and crush your sales goals.


What our clients say about us


Medialyzer sheds light on the world of media planning for ebebek that has an omnichannel structure. Measuring the online effect of TV by itself is not enough to make a media planning decision, however it is extremely efficient for us to measure which TV programs our target audience is more interested in. The Medialyzer team is very supportive and open to development. We enjoy working with them.

Sevda Tarcan Demir

ebebek Marketing Director

Thanks to Medialyzer's user-friendly interface and detailed reports, we can easily see the results of our TV communications and make more effective media plans.

Sedat Anak

Avansas General Manager

We are thankful to Medialyzer for enabling us to optimize our TV spot investments and increase the ROI. By measuring the online impact of our spots real-time, we reached our goals without losing time. Last but not least, taking detailed reports of all related activities easily and fastly is another significant benefit.

Gonca Basa Arslan

modanisa Marketing Manager