Believing that cognitive development is the right of every infant in Turkey, Bebelac comes together with NGOs to support as many infants as possible. Within the scope of the Sibling Share project, Danone sets out to meet the follow-on milk needs of 10,000 infants in cooperation with the “Needs Map”, using a part of the income obtained from Bebelac Child Follow-Up Milk. With this project, the families who bought Bebelac would turn into charity ambassadors.

A creative media strategy was needed to announce the project to a narrow target audience, such as parents with children aged 0-3. Considering that the rival brand had also a TV campaign in the same period, it was predicted that immediately after the TV commercials of the competitor brand or Bebelac went on the air, the purchasing intent of the parent audience would increase.

With the image recognition technology provided by the Medialyzer-TV Tracking product, Bebelac and other brands’ TV spots were detected in real-time. As the commercials were broadcast on TV, Bebelac’s campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, directed to Hepsiburada, were activated. After 10 minutes of activation, when the effectiveness of TV was strongest, the campaigns were stopped again. The whole process was carried out zero touch with Medialyzer’s API integration and all activations were automated.

When the results of 2 different campaigns targeting new user acquisition and remarketing were compared with always-on campaigns with the same setup, 58% and 40% lower cost per results were obtained, respectively.

With the cooperation of Bebelac and Medialyzer, a bridge has been established between offline and online channels. With an integrated marketing strategy, the right target audience was reached at the right time, and productivity increased.