Why TV Ads?

Digital advertising has many advantages over traditional media channels. It can be fully targeted, quickly analyzed and easily optimized. Thanks to Medialyzer TV Attribution, linear TV’s impact can be analyzed and optimized as well.

Why Should You Advertise on TV?

Despite the rapid growth of digital media in recent years, TV is still a huge market. According to Nielsen's latest research; TV budgets are still $43 billion more than search, social media, and video ad budgets. Thus, television is at the forefront of advertising expenditure compared to other forms of advertising.

  • People spend an average of 4 Hours a day watching television in U.S. and TV is still used more than smartphones by 30 minutes.

  • According to the 2021 Nielsen Total Audience Report, TV Advertising builds more trust than digital advertising.

  • All TV commercials are visible.

  • TV reaches a wide audience.

  • TV ads benefit from second screening.

  • TV ads’ effectiveness can be measured with new Attribution technologies.

    For large companies, TV is a category that must be advertised. The super bowl and World Cup still attracts lots of viewers and prime time reach is still quite big. In the recent years, the presentation and consumption of TV content has changed, but many people still spend too much time in front of the TV.

    What is Second Screen?

    Media companies have recognized the opportunity to offer extra content and experiences on mobile devices designed to complement their content on TV. A digital marketing strategy may include special offers to those who use their mobile device while the TV ad, TV show or a movie is on-air.

    What is Tv Tracking?

    With TV tracking, Medialyzer monitors TV broadcasts for you and recognizes your and your competitors' ads in real-time. A TV ad results in instant search queries on search engines. It's important to keep your visibility high when your target audience is searching for you. You may want to benefit from the hype created by your competitor’s ad is on-air. Medialyzer’s Tv Tracking feature enables advertisers to bridge the gap between offline and online media and engage with highly interested consumers.

    What is Tv Attribution?

    We all know that TV advertising has many advantages. But traditional methods like audience measurement (ratings) do not provide efficiency where KPIs are set on online channels. Medialyzer focuses exactly on fixing this measurement problem. Nowadays; smartphones, tablets and laptops provide insights into consumer behavior that brands can respond to in real-time. The rise of 2nd screen mobile devices has made TV advertising measurable. Thus; with an artificial intelligence-based algorithm, Medialyzer measures the impact of each ad on website traffic, app install, and conversions.

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