Vodafone started to offer millions of products to the customers of all operators with the online marketplace “Everything is Near Me” application and an intensive media communication was carried out to announce this innovation. The goal of the campaign was to maximize mobile app downloads and “Everything is Near Me” webpage visits.

In line with this goal the AI based measurement technology of the Medialyzer was used to measure the effect of TV and radio on mobile app downloads and usage, and the data obtained was analysed.

Planning was revised accordingly, as some creatives appeared to yield more results at a lower media-cost than other copies, the media plan was continuously optimized with the data obtained in the breakdown of the channel, program, position of the advertisement as well as the day, hour and day-time analysis regarding the timing of the commercial.

With the insights provided perfect media planning, the number of app downloads at the same cost tripled while the visits to the “Everything is Near Me” page were doubled. 18% of app traffic comes from TV commercials. During the communication period, sales increased by 20 times weekly compared to the normal period. The average frequency of users entering “Everything is Near Me” has doubled.

Medialyzer made TV measurable, and data driven manageable like a digital medium enabling Vodafone to gain important insights into achieve business goals.