TV Attribution & Google Analytics

 In the Basic Plan of our TV Attribution product, we provide integration with Google Analytics. This integration allows advertisers to correlate actions between their website and TV without the need for additional integration, thanks to Google analytics data. Medialyzer can be integrated with just one click and during this integration, advertisers do not need to give access to any individual. Medialyzer is an API partner with Google Analytics, so online data is obtained in this way.

How does the basic plan work?

  1. TV data is received in Excel format. The user just drags and drops the file in the dashboard.
  2. The baseline is determined by Medialyzer thanks to AI. That is, at that moment, possible traffic that the advertiser's website would receive without TV ads. The baseline is determined by the advertiser's online data. Some traffic sources that have nothing to do with TV ads are filtered out. Only direct traffic, organic search, and paid search brand keywords are included in this analysis of Google Analytics TV Attribution. Traffic sources that are not affiliated with TV are Referral Traffic, non-brand Google Paid campaigns or any paid traffic source.
  3. Conflict points: AI's sub-branch, pattern recognition models, are used to distinguish the impact of overlapping TV spots. An overlapping spot according to Medialyzer’s algorithm is any TV spot occuring at the same time or within a shorter time of 10 minutes. In that way, the online effect of TV ads will be determined.
  4. Advertisers gain valuable insights from the dashboard. The platform is self-service.


The Basic Plan also provides unlimited data opportunities, which means that advertisers can analyze data from any point in time, including before the Medialyzer integration date. This allows advertisers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience's behavior and make data-driven decisions about their media strategy.

While the Basic Plan is a cost-efficient solution for measuring the correlation between TV and online activity, it does have some limitations. It does not have access to Medialyzer Script (which allows for the identification of individuals and examination of purchases within a 30-day framework) and thus not being able to measure complex KPIs such as revenue. Also, there is no Adjust, or Appsflyer integration in basic, these features are only available in premium packages. Therefore, app measurement via Google Analytics data is limited to advertisers integrated into Firebase. However, it is still an ideal solution for advertisers who are not targeting complex KPI tracking.

In conclusion, the TV Attribution Basic Plan provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your TV campaign and helps you make informed decisions about your media strategy. With its affordable price and integration with Google Analytics, it is an excellent solution for measuring the correlation between TV and online activity. In that way, you can manage the TV data-driven just like a performance marketing tool. If you have any further questions about the features and benefits of the Basic Plan, please don't hesitate to contact us.