Meet Medialyzer TV Remarketing

Talking about remarketing, precision is the key. This is exactly what Medialyzer’s TV Remarketing promises to provide. TV ads are powerful and convincing - they lead customers to your online channels with a huge buying motivation. Therefore, their traces are valuable and contain important information to remarket.

How does Medialyzer TV Remarketing work?

The core of Medialyzer TV Remarketing is our cutting edge image recognition technology, that is capable of detecting your TV ads in real time. This technology is so precious that it makes it possible to form a solid connection with online and offline ad strategies. For example, in Facebook you will be able to catch audiences stemming from the capacity of your TV campaigns right on time. TV channels, programs, genres can all be an example to generate segments and target them upon specific objectives. In fact, with those segments you can even find and match with Facebook lookalikes and increase the productivity of your digital campaings. You can even optimize your special catching window to get the best potential audience from TV.

We are fully aware that the digital world and especially the digital marketing ecosystem is full of data - nevertheless, one has to find a clean and precise strategy to maximize the benefits. Therefore, you can rely on the power of TV and Medialyzer’s technologies. TV’s still unmatched reach supplies you a big list of potential customers and those traces can be added to your long term marketing strategy.

It is not only Facebook Pixel, using the remarketing feature provided by Adjust, you can utilize the remarketing feature for your mobile operations and boost the Return-on-Ad-Spend. Another benefit is to utilize this data through demand-side platforms. The thing is that TV ads channel a fertile set of users to your mobile app. Only a combination of online and offline strategies could enhance your capabilities to establish a fruitful relationship with them. So, getting to know them with the first party cookies is the initial step. And Medialyzer TV Remarketing will make you appear on their mobile screen more efficiently.

Why use TV for remarketing?

If you think about the variety of tools in digital marketing, you might come up with the question of “Why should I benefit from TV Advertising?”. Even though it sounds like a reasonable question, TV’s positive contribution to purchasing decisions should not be let fly beneath your radar. Being the most premium medium for advertising, TV commercials are convincing and yet they get the biggest attention from customers. Additionally during streaming, second screen activity caused by TV ads rises significantly. It is solidified with academic evidence, TV ads have an undeniable impact on awareness, interest and conviction stages of consumer behavior.

Companies and media agencies dedicate immense efforts to build the best ad-creative possible. Despite this fact, on the online sphere it could be sometimes challenging to decide which video format to use more on the digital media platforms. However, this is not a huge problem if you share the power of TV. Because if one genre performed well on TV, then it’s very likely that it will shine on digital. And to analytically evaluate the performance of your TV creatives, you can count on Medialyzer’s TV Attribution.

More than that, very soon we will experience an immense change in our online strategies and one has to adjust for that. Google has announced that 2023 will be the last year to harvest the advantages of third party cookies. Therefore, marketers need to rely on trustable data that is collected by the first hand. And Medialyzer’s TV Remarketing solution is just for the future of marketing since it binds offline and online channels led by the precision of data. Power of TV will polish your returns on the digital channels too. You will definitely thrive among your competitors.