Deloitte Report 2022 Media and Advertising Investments in Turkey

The 'Estimated Media and Advertising Investments 2021 Report in Turkey' by Deloitte has been published recently. The report offers the opportunity to evaluate the media investments in 2021, from TV to digital, and from outdoor advertising to radio, numerically and proportionally compared to the previous year.

One of the striking points of the report is that the increase in TV media and advertising investments continued at a significant level (44%) even though the effect of the pandemic decreased in the second half of 2021. The steady rise of TV investment in both thematic and reported channels suggests that advertisers who do not invest in TV should also consider TV as a strong option.


One of the main factors underlying this increase is the media and advertising investments of advertisers working with e-commerce and online business models in the TV channel. On the other hand, conventional advertisers are also making more and more online call-to-actions, inviting their customers to take action on their second screen. These two important factors demonstrate the importance of online data-driven measurement of TV commercials.

According to the “Estimated Media and Advertising Investments Report in Turkey” by Deloitte, the investment rate in reported TV channels is 89.59%, while the investment in unreported TV channels is 10.41%. Medialyzer customers, on the other hand, made 17.08% of their 2021 investments in unreported TV channels. Thus, the investments made by advertisers in thematic channels, which acted on the insights of Medialyzer were above the Turkey average.

TV is still the medium that increases the consumers' motivation to buy the most. Becoming a measurable and data-driven manageable channel with Medialyzer products, it has much more to offer to advertisers.

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