Back to School is one of the most intense shopping times of the media calendar. With increased competition, the cost to reach consumers rises significantly; TV is one of the most popular channels during this time, with viewers tuning in for both entertainment and information about deals.

The report Your Roadmap in Media Investments: Back to School covers everything you need to know about this key period, including the best times to advertise, best positions to advertise and best length of TV advertisements. Report also contains hints for e-commerce, finance, apparel and fashion, construction and retail industries.

Report Highlights:

29.32% of investments are spent on weekends while 70.68% of them focus on weekdays. In support of this data, we can show that advertisements on weekdays are 14% more efficient. As for September, 74% of investments are spent on weekdays while the rest is spent on weekends and weekends prove to be more efficient.

Medialyzer's analysis shows that the investments in commercials that last shorter are more efficient, which has a direct effect on pricing. An important exception on this matter is that commercials that last 21 to 30 seconds are more efficient than the ones that last 11 to 20 seconds. It is possible to observe a similar order in September even though the exception does not hold.

Advertising on thematic channels is more effective compared to that of measured channels during the Back to School period as well as the remaining part of the year. But the performance provided by the measured channels gets closer to the thematic channels. Thematic channels keep their seat as more efficient mediums than the measured channels but they are slightly better than measured channels in the Back to School period whereas normally Cost per Result is five times better.


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