Back to School is one of the most intense shopping times of the media calendar. With increased competition, the cost to reach consumers rises significantly; TV is one of the most popular channels during this time, with viewers tuning in for both entertainment and information about deals.

The report Your Roadmap in Media Investments: Back to School covers everything you need to know about this key period, including the best times to advertise, best positions to advertise and best length of TV advertisements. Report also contains hints for e-commerce, finance, apparel and fashion, construction and retail industries.

Report Highlights:

Advertisers choose to put 77% of their investment on prime-time advertorials. On the contrary, off-prime-time advertorials are observed to be more efficient. The reason for that is prime-time advertorial is highly competitive and host to high-cost productions.

Each day of the week differs in terms of efficiency. In the remaining time of the year, Monday proves to be the most efficient while Wednesday comes forward as the most efficient in September. On the other hand, Friday is the least efficient day. Monday is 33% more efficient than Friday.

While the commercials for first and last positions were thought to be more efficient, these highly-priced positions proved poorly in terms of cost-benefit. As middle-placed commercials are the most efficient ones, the most poorly performed commercials are the ones in first positions. Another point is that L-band commercials seem to call customers to action less than normal ones.


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